How to Double Qualified Leads in 2014 with These 5 Technologies

The best ideas are often hidden in plain sight.

While small to medium-sized business and practices often seek out the marketing “silver-bullet” in the form of new media, a website refresh, or a new market that will cure all sales or product challenges, the ability to double your qualified leads in 12 months or less is probably right at your fingertips.

Here are five, proven technologies available to every business or practice right now to help your organization double qualified leads in 2014 and beyond.

The key marketing technologies to profit from include:

1. Custom Landing Pages – Will help you add more prospects at the top of the marketing funnel. Those that are benefiting from this strategy for the first time will often see a quantum leap in areas like leads from their website, webinar and event registrations, and sales meetings.

2. Automated Follow-up – Automates the process of multi-media, multi-step lead follow-up.  Statistics show that even in today’s age of Big Data, 70% of leads do NOT get the proper follow-up.  Leads really do have a half-life.  Timely and appropriate content and conversations could send the number of raw leads that become qualified leads through the roof.

3. Webinar Program – Go beyond live webinars to on-demand ones where your long-format educational or selling presentations are available 24/7/365. Smart marketers are running “virtual live” programs to save time and deliver your best pitch to prospects when they want it.

4. Science of Direct Response Writing – Did you know that one headline can out-pull another by 500% or more? And simply translating features to benefits is worth 15% or more on all your pages, invitations, and conversion programs. Understanding the “technology of words” means you benefit from the power of direct response copy principles that have been perfected over the last 100+ years.

5. Marketing Automation – Most larger-ticket items or complex sales require salespeople to get the ball over the goal line. Receiving enriched, timely, and pre-qualified leads can make virtually every salesperson a top producer. This technology also helps you track where your best leads and sales are coming from, so you can drop the 50% of marketing which is yielding little, and double-down where you have the highest probability of finding that next big deal.

You may hit an occasional home run, as we did for one company when a Free Report increased their lead flow by 300% in 7 days. Another client, a medium-sized company, generated $1.45 billion in sales leads though one marketing program. But you don’t have to count on an unusual event.  These 5 proven technologies leverage the predictable power of multiplication and compounding to double qualified leads (Multiply every 100 leads x 1.15 x 1.15 x 1.15 x 1.15 x 1.15 = Roughly 200).

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