Seven Ways to Automate Marketing for 2013 to Generate More Leads, Prospects and Sales – Now!

Marketing guru Seth Godin recently said, “Content Marketing is the only marketing left.” The right content marketing strategy can generate qualified leads and sales opportunities, but successrequires relevant content and the right media and promotions, or you risk frustrating results and wasted money.

Here are seven proven tips and strategies for 2013. Bob Hanson of Quantum Leap Marketing can personally help your organizationtap the power of Content Marketing the “Client Attraction” way:

  1. Target “Buyers with a Budget” with Laser-like Precision – If you are trying to be all things to all people, you risk being nothing to no one.For higher Marketing ROI, consider targeting the economic decision maker as a key part of your content marketing strategy (topics, media choices, etc.) One of our clients did this for Small Business CRM and now has 12,000 customers.
  2. Multiply the Power of Your Budget with “Must-See” Content – Our course,“How to Make Your Advertising Up to 500% More Effective,”shows it is much easier to double the results from a Content Marketing budget than to double your budget. Use “Must-See” Content, as defined by your market – be timely, interesting, and relevant. Sell the sizzle, and offer your “point-of-view.”
  3. Rev-Up Your Marketing Conversion Engine with Automated Follow-up – Roughly 70% of leads don’t get the proper follow-up. Think multi-step, multi-media follow-up. Our clients have experienced up to 100% better lead conversion with our new programs usingthis approach.
  4. Leverage Lower-Cost Online/Digital Media for More Prospects from Your Budget –Where possible, replace expensive, non-performing media with less costly media (think replacing underperforming, liveseminars and trade shows with an educational webinar series).
  5. Social Media Marketing Conversions with Content & Web Landing Pages – Simply put, a website designed to capture and convert prospects, combined with targeted content will dramatically increaseROI from ALL of your social media marketing.
  6. Schedule Success with a 90-Day, Content Marketing Calendar – Make Content Marketing success a habit by updating and improving your 90-Day Content Marketing Calendar.
  7. Employ Your Own “Content Marketing Secret Weapon” - No marketer can do everything alone today. Considering outsourcing all or part of your Content Marketing program. For example, we have 17 independent contractors we can call on for any project to create results in any media.

One of Bob’s clients created $1.45 billion in qualified sales leads with just one program. Another small client generated a 300% increase lead flow in 7 days, 15,000 webinar registrants in a single year, and multiplied revenues 4-fold in 36 months.

Increase your prospect and lead flow with your own Content Marketing Engine. Bob Hanson helps a few clients on an ongoing basis, call 1-617-901-6886 or email for a no-obligation consultation to see if he can supercharge your marketing.

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